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Cenegenics Costs Hormone Replacement Therapy

Cenegenics – The Price Of Healthy Aging

As you get older, your hormone levels drop. When that happens, you might start to feel the affects of your age, including things like weight gain, less energy, and problems in the bedroom. Some people think that this is a natural part of life and something they have to live with. Others won’t take aging lying down. Instead, they look for new answers to help them fight the signs of aging. This often leads people to alternative options, like hormone replacement therapy, human growth hormone programs, and other age-management solutions.

As you search for a program that can solve your age-related problems, chances are you’ll come across Cenegenics®. They were one of the first places to invest in age management alternatives and their anti-age programs have worked for a lot of people over the years. The only problem is that it comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, one of the most common complaints about Cenegenics is its high cost.

An Anti-Age Movement


Cenegenics has been one of the most talked about names in the world of hormone replacement therapy for years. They’ve developed a one-size-fits-all approach that helps their clients look and feel younger. Like most anti-age programs, they start with an evaluation and blood work. Then they’ll send monthly shipments of nutritional supplements and prescription hormones. They also require an annual re-evaluation so they can recommend more or different supplements.

By working this way, Cenegenics has gained popularity with people looking for age management solutions in the United States. They’ve become a buzzword in the industry. And while using their programs is trendy, they also come at a big price. Luckily, there are less expensive Cenegenics alternatives that can offer customizable services without breaking the bank.

The Problem With Cenegenics


When Cenegenics was first created, they were early adopters of anti-aging solutions and hormone replacement therapy. This field was just developing and their solutions were revolutionary. As time went by, they stuck with their business model but fell behind the times by not keeping up with the latest medical advancements and innovative technology. That’s not to say that their programs aren’t effective – many of their clients have achieved amazing results – but by failing to update their programs throughout the years, they’ve limited themselves and the options they can offer their clients.

Another big issue people run into when they are considering Cenegenics is the price. While no one expects hormone replacement therapy to be cheap, Cenegenics is hugely expensive. When they first started, the price could be validated, but now it doesn’t really make sense when there are alternatives that cost less and are just as effective.

When you start a Cenegenics program, you’ll notice that to be successful, you have to dedicate a lot of time and money. According to their own website, Cenegenics cost between $3,000 to $4,000 for the first exam. After that, the monthly fees for a program are about $1,500 depending on what options and supplements you chose. You’ll also be charged for lab work, tests, and doctor visits, which is common in any medical practice. It’s also extremely important to use these services when you’re starting hormone replacement therapy. After a few months on the program, you’ll need to be re-examined. That will cost you about $3000. All together, that brings the initial cost of the program to $7500 – and that’s for just a few months!

Cenegenics Alternatives


When it comes to age management solutions, there are other options, like the programs at Eternity Health. As an experienced hormone replacement therapy clinic, we take a different approach to age management. Instead of one solution for everyone, we think that the best way to get results is with a program built just for you.

At Eternity Health, we agree with a lot of the ways Cenegenics has set up their programs. We think their philosophy towards age-management and testosterone replacement therapy is sound. And just like them, we won’t let anyone start an age-management program until they’ve had an initial evaluation. That’s because this helps us understand how healthy you are now and where you need to improve. We also agree with them when it comes to supplements. We know that certain types can make a real difference in your daily life. The real problem we have with Cenegenics is the price. In our opinion, Cenegenics costs are just too high, especially when you factor in all of the add-ons that are often required as part of their programs and pushed by their representatives.



Thankfully, there are affordable alternatives to Cenegenics cost. For years, Eternity Health has been at the forefront of age-management programs. We take pride in being able to offer fully-customizable options, which is very different from Cenegenics’ one-size-fits-all approach.

With our network of doctors, we can check your current health level to identify areas where you can improve. Then we work together with you to create a personalized program that’s custom-made to fit your individual situation. That way you aren’t taking, and paying for, any medication or supplements that you don’t need. After that, we’ll get you started on your program and follow up as necessary. You can also contact us at any time if you have questions, need medication refills, or feel like your program could be working better. Our experienced team can answer all of your concerns and tweak your program so that you get the most benefits.

Of course, we don’t recommend basing your hormone replacement therapy just on the price. After all, can you put a price tag on living longer or feeling better? To many of us, that’s invaluable. But instead of choosing your hormone replacement therapy clinic because it’s trendy, you should look around and discover the alternatives to Cenegenics. Just make sure that wherever you go for your anti-aging therapy is fully licensed and experienced in helping people get their hormones back in balance.  


The Choice Is Yours
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You can’t afford not to look into our Cenegenics alternatives.

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, you have options. If you’d like to learn more about the programs at Eternity Health, contact us today. We specialize in developing customized plans that work for our clients and their budgets. Find out more about all of our program options and see if we’ve got the solution you’ve been waiting for.