The Surprising Signs of Low T

When most people think about struggling with low testosterone levels, there’s usually only one symptom that comes to mind – erectile dysfunction. But the fact is that low T levels can cause a variety of issues you may never have imagined. From mood changes and weight loss challenges to osteoporosis and male fatigue, testosterone affects more of your body than you ever imagined.

Sure, you may be tired because you were up late watching the game or nursing your cold, but if you suffer from chronic male fatigue, your testosterone levels could be to blame. Studies have shown that men with low T levels become quickly exhausted and find it difficult to keep pace with peers who have higher levels of testosterone.

Your mood and your hormones are directly related, and when hormones like testosterone are out of balance, you can become more irritable for no reason at all. Not only that, but in some cases low T levels can even cause depression.

Decreased Bone Density
Weak bones and osteoporosis are generally thought to be women’s issues because estrogen plays a key factor in bone loss. But if your testosterone is on the decline, it can affect your bones too. You may notice you can’t shake hands as firmly as you used to or that your grip has softened. It can also make you more prone to bone fractures.

Decreased Sex Drive
Testosterone plays a huge role in your sexual drive, and a drop in testosterone can leave you with little to no interest in sex. Sure, we all hit a rough patch from time to time, but when you find that you don’t want to have sex anymore, that’s a big difference, and once again your testosterone levels may be to blame.

Difficulty Losing Weight
Low testosterone makes it hard to lose weight – your body fat may actually increase because testosterone regulates how your body stores fat. It also affects your ability to build muscle regardless of your workout routine.

Low Testosterone can have a dramatic effect on your body and your life. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, contact us at Eternity Health today. We can help you address these problems by checking your testosterone levels and developing a plan that gets you back on track.