Oxytocin is a nonapeptide hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary, which produces action both peripherally and in the brain. Oxytocin is released by males and females during orgasm and is considered by many to be the hormone of desire, social recognition, and bonding.

Recent research has shown that oxytocin may have many other far reaching effects, particularly when it comes to relationships and emotional involvement. Oxytocin is the reason why we form all sorts of deep connections, not only with our children, but also with our partners, friends and even our pets. That’s why it’s often called the “bonding hormone.”

Oxytocin also plays a huge role in the non-procreative aspects of sex. Research has shown, for women, not only is oxytocin released during orgasm, it appears to be responsible for causing orgasms in the first place. Research also indicates that oxytocin causes the nerves in the genitals to fire spontaneously, and this leads to powerful orgasms. In women, during orgasm, oxytocin levels become stratospheric. During peak sexual arousal, if a woman’s brain is flooded with oxytocin, she may indeed be capable of multiple orgasms.

Sometimes called “the cuddle hormone,” oxytocin is released in response to a variety of environmental stimuli including skin‐to-skin contact and cervical stimulation experienced during sex. At normal levels, oxytocin encourages a mild desire to be kissed and cuddled by your lover. Being touched (anywhere on the body) leads to a rise in oxytocin levels. This causes a cascade of reactions within the body, including the release of endorphins, which results in both biological and psychological arousal. The nerves in erogenous zones, including the earlobes, neck, and genitals, become sensitized by the effects of oxytocin. It promotes a bond of intimacy, closeness and desire, which increases sexual receptiveness and the desire to be touched further, which causes even more oxytocin to be released and so desire and arousal is heightened even more.

Given its ability to generate deep and profound emotional connections and to fuel feelings of sexual intimacy and desire culminating in powerful orgasms, oxytocin really is the nearest thing to a love drug.

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